Utilising the pooled resources of experienced professional surveyors, equipped with the latest and most sophisticated equipment, Young, Stuart & Associates have established themselves as an Industry Leader, and one of the foremost suppliers of surveying services throughout the African continent.

With extensive experience gained through many years of practice across the length and breadth of Africa, Young, Stuart & Associates are able to offer a broad range of services in the field of survey and mapping.

These services include the following:

  • Conventional and Real-Time GPS Surveys to establish control in remote areas, or measure and set-out in urban areas.
  • Topographical and Engineering Surveys for planning and design purposes.
  • High Precision Control Surveys for engineering, construction and mining projects. Monitoring Surveys for natural ground movements and structural deformations.
  • Providing field measurements and quantities for major earthworks and open-cast mines.
  • Setting out for construction on freeways, roads, railways, airports, dams, etc.
  • Transmission lines - profiling, design, templating and tower pegging.
  • Cadastral and Sectional Title Surveys.
  • Aerial Survey - LiDAR, Digital Terrain Models, and Mapping.
  • Mobile Terrestrial Scanning - Roads, Railways, Waterways, Buildings and Plant Areas
  • High Precsion Scanning from a tripod mounted scanners - Industrial & Process Plants, Offshore Oil Platforms, Buildings and Structures.

The company today stands ready to meet your every need with a comprehensive survey staff of more that 30 highly trained individuals, including Professional Land Surveyors, Registered Engineering Surveyors, Registered Survey Technicians, and a number of survey assistants.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of high quality, reasonably priced, surveying services to our clients throughout the African continent.